I wan’t to write, but I don’t know how… So I decided to write about it :P

Photo by Pereanu Sebastian on Unsplash

Okay, frankly, I’m not being completely honest here- I used to until a couple of years back. I owned a blog where I had published full length poems, an instagram page to support it with short ones and had even maintained a dream journal — excerpts of which I used to transform into interrelating short stories hoping to stitch together a novel someday. As time went by I started college and caught some new habits along the way in exchange for some old ones. Some of them were beneficial (maybe I shall write a post on it someday if you seek to know more :P), but the rest were just me being caught up in the flashy glimpses of the excitement that newness brings along with it. Now that the newness had settled and along with it the realisation of that newness, my habits sought repair more than contemplation of the what-could-have-beens of yesterday, and for that, I thought, where better to start from what I already had back then! So I sat down, once again, to write, to experience the emotions through rhymes, to re-live dreams as I penned them and the excitement of, ironically, the what-could-have-beens, only this time of the present. I began. A blank canvas was waiting in front of me to be painted by the enthusiasm of fantasies crafted by my imagination. But turns out there was just that…enthusiasm and no words.

Panic struck!

A Happy Ending

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