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The world as we name it, defined as the the earth, together with all of its countries and peoples by google, seems to be getting distant as it seems to come closer not just spatially, but also, temporally, a glimpse of which I still perceive as I search for the above definition in by merely typing upon fighting procrastination, a few letters into a rounded long rectangular space as compared to searching for the word in the oxford english dictionary. Early morning mom’s wake up call for school has now been translated to hastily checking the phone for notifications after…

Sometimes I feel like I just want to scream. Scream into the peace of the night. Amidst the sleeping beds made alive by their dreams in the wonderlands of their fantasies... Or horrors. They can be wonderful too. I don't think about all this when I want to scream but do so in retrospect. Why is it then that I think of doing it instead of doing it? Life after all is truly a set of constraints one lives by. Start with being born, pre school, school, college, job, marriage, kids, grandkids, death. Here's the broad outline they set for…

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The Beginning: An Idea.

It seemed not long ago that a friend of mine wanted to start his own YouTube channel. Focus — Tech. Now I know that there are many channels featuring / reviewing tech in their videos, but this guy took it a step further. Visualise this video in your mind. A picture of the product is shown. It then coverts to a blueprint layout with its internal components visible just as Iron Man does in his movies. Each component is then labelled and the beauty of each part explained. He hacked interest of viewers into the wonders behind the devices he…

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Creating a new social media account, LinkedIn profile or even making some new friends, the first connect, roughly begs the same question — “What defines you?” Consciously or subconsciously we all have this pre entailed definition of ourself that we self proclaim to the world outside. If we actually are what we say we are then it isn’t much of a problem. But how do you know that? Is what you say is you, actually you? To figure it out, I decided to self-analyse by asking this question to myself.

What Defines Me?

The very first answer that came to mind, almost like…

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Okay, frankly, I’m not being completely honest here- I used to until a couple of years back. I owned a blog where I had published full length poems, an instagram page to support it with short ones and had even maintained a dream journal — excerpts of which I used to transform into interrelating short stories hoping to stitch together a novel someday. As time went by I started college and caught some new habits along the way in exchange for some old ones. Some of them were beneficial (maybe I shall write a post on it someday if you…

The Promethean Maverick

Mathematician, Dreamer, Writer, Artist

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